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Printing Inks

  • Poly Flexographic
  • Poly Gravure
  • BOPP Tape Gravure Printing
  • Poly Two Pack Inks
  • Poly Ink for Deepfreeze
  • Polytone Flexographic Inks
  • Reverse Lamination for Polyester & BOPP
  • Extrusion Lamination Printing Inks
  • High Bond Lamination Inks
  • Water-based Printing Inks
  • Foil Heat Resistance Inks
  • HDPE Fertilizer Inks
  • PVC Shrink Inks
  • Pet/BOPP HR Surface Inks
Gravure/Flexo Inks
SubstrateFlexo Inks Water or Solvent BasedGravure Inks Water or Solvent Based
Aluminum Foil
Multi-Layer Films
Woven Sack
PrintingSurface Printing, Reverse Printing & Half Tones
IndustryAll FMCG Goods Stationery, Confectionery, Soaps & Detergents, Personal Care Milk & Dairy Pharma, Lube / Edible Oils Pharma

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