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All-Natural Mosquito Repellent

VARAM Herbals mosquito repellent is made up of natural herbs in order to repel mosquitoes in the most healthy way possible. This all-natural mosquito repellent is the best way to stay safe from mosquito bites in both indoor and outdoor locations. Exposure to toxic chemicals can be extremely harmful, especially for babies, kids, and pregnant women. VARAM Herbals adopts the natural method of prevention where it drives away mosquitoes but does not harm them. This is what we call ‘balance of nature’.

Use Cases

Our efficient and advanced herbal formula makes it extremely easy for the product to function under all conditions. Whether it’s your baby sleeping peacefully or busy office reception, VARAM Herbals will drive away mosquitoes without question or judgement. This makes it a very trustworthy solution under any and all circumstances.

Why buy Varam Herbals

100% Natural Mosquito Repellent lotion

100 % Natural

Children friendly Mosquito Repellent spray

Safe for Children

Chemical free Mosquito Repellent lotion

Chemical Free

Pet friendly Mosquito Repellent spray



VARAM Herbal Spray (50ml)

A handy Herbal spray containing 50 ml that fits right in your pocket, perfect for going out.

VARAM Herbal Spray (100ml)

A standard spray containing 100 ml of VARAM Herbal Mosquito Repellant Spray.

VARAM Herbal Lotion

A handy lotion that can be applied on the skin to drive away mosquitoes. Generally used in outdoor conditions.


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