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Woodworks Saviour products are anti-termite solutions that keep wooden furniture and articles and concrete structures safe from termites and borers. Its unique formula protects against termite attack and eliminates existing termites in affected areas. Being an environment-friendly product, it does not harm the applicator, pets or the environment. Woodworks Saviour comes in two variants.

It is an environment-friendly, light colour and mildly fragrant wood preservative that is highly effective against termites and borers. It is used to prevent termite attack on wooden furniture and other articles made of wood. It is also effective against wooden furniture or articles already affected by termites. A simple, cost-effective solution to protect your furniture.

It is available in convenient pack sizes

Brush Application – 250ml, 500ml, 1 Ltr

Aerosol Spray – 320ml (Convenient and Easy for You) 

USP of products which need to be highlighted:

Cost-Effective Solution for termites, Environment-Friendly, Convenient pack sizes and DIY Solution (spray)

It is an Anti-termite Emulsifiable Concentrate. It is environment-friendly, colorless and mild smelling. It is highly effective and prevents termite attack on concrete structure by blocking the entry points for termites.

Woodworks Structure E.C is available in convenient pack sizes of 250ml, 500ml, 1 Ltr

USP of products which need to be highlighted:

Emulsifiable Concentrate with water, Environment-Friendly and Convenient pack sizes

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